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JSON Question

How to fix fetching JSON data on inside of loop with limit number?

There is something bothers me.
I'm trying to understand this output in console, take a look

loop and json data

listdata is a global variable.

I can use listdata.orders[x].id_order to return any numbers without errors.

Then I use for() to make a list and it gave me an error that doesn't make sense =/

EDIT: It needs to be limited as 9 items, not complete as data.length

Answer Source

Use this

listdata.orders.forEach(function (order) {

To limit the iteration to 9 orders.

Method 1:

listdata.orders.slice(0, 9).forEach(function (order) {

Method 2:

listdata.orders.some(function (order, index) {
    if (index > 9) {
        return true;
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