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Python Question

Calling rows in a dataframe

Here is example code:

dates = pd.date_range('2005-01-01', periods=4)
A = [1,2,2,3]
B = [2,3,4,5]
df1 = pd.DataFrame({'A':A,'B':B},index = dates)

It works just fine
Is there a way for me to give an integer 2 with a row index so it would give me a the row

I have a 1000 row dataframe that I got with a for loop, and when I try to call a row in the same fashion it gives me an error saying that

label[] is not in the [index]

And that's the main problem that I can't figure out.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer Source

You can use .ix to select the range of the DataFrame you are interested in.

By label:


By index number:


Update based on comments

You can work out the integer index of the date using get_loc.

i = df1.index.get_loc('2005-01-04')
offset = 2
df1.ix[i-offset: i]
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