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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Regex to find Href value

I have a string in which I have anchor tag I want to know the href values of those anchor tags.
my string is like:

This is Test page <a href='test.aspx'>test page</a> .

in this I want to find the value of href i.e. test.aspx

Please suggest me any good regx group for this.

Answer Source

if you use <a [^>]*href=(?:'(?<href>.*?)')|(?:"(?<href>.*?)") then the result will be stored in the named group href


var inputString="This is Test page <a href='test.aspx'>test page</a>";
var regex=new Regex("<a [^>]*href=(?:'(?<href>.*?)')|(?:\"(?<href>.*?)\")",RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
var urls=regex.Matches(inputString).OfType<Match>().Select(m =>m.Groups["href"].Value);

urls will be a collection of strings containing the hrefs.