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Android Question

Long delay befor app start

When I try to start my app it takes like 2 seconds until the splashscreen appears. The "loading screen" before the splashscreen activity is transparent becaus i have choosen a transparent theme. I allready deleted every piece of code in the splashscreen activity but the delay is still up to 2 seconds. Can somebody help me to reduce this time?

Answer Source

This is because Instant Run takes some time to load. The blank/white screen will go away in production builds.

I'm not sure why Instant Run takes so long to load. If you look in the app's internal cache directory you will see quite a few dex files. There was an article about how Instant Run works posted a couple days ago here:

You can disable Instant Run from Settings (Ctrl+Alt+s) and just be aware that your production builds will not have this blank white screen.

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