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selectedOptions[0].textContent; not working in IE or Firefox

function call(op) {
var x = op.selectedOptions[0].textContent;
var n = x.substring(0, 3);
document.pts.inputbox.value = n;

I have a function that grabs the label value from a selected option in a list box, then it disects out the first 3 letters and passes that information on to an input box value.

The issue is with how the js is grabbing the selected options label text content. It seems to work in Chrome just fine, but in firefox17 and IE9 nothing happens. Any suggestions on a better way to get the selected options label value?

I can NOT use the options value, that value is reserved for something more specific
Everything works fine in JSfiddel.

Answer Source

Try this

function call(op) {
    var x = op.options[op.selectedIndex].text;
    var n = x.substring(0, 3);
    alert('Index : '+op.selectedIndex+' and first 3 lettrs are : '+n);


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