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Javascript Question

JSONP request not working showing error 404

I am trying to load some data from but the request is failing with 404 not found. In the past it was working but not sure why it stops now. it is a small java script function to find Domain Age.

URL - Code snippet:

$(document).ready(function () {
var domainCheckerUrl = "";

/*This line is giving error */ $.getJSON("" + encodeURIComponent(domainCheckerUrl) + "&callback=?", function(data){

$('#urlname')[0].value = "";
var dataElement = $(data.contents).find('#registryData')[0];

Answer Source

Namaste Mahesh,
from the site, it looks like the server is not fully functional yet, some configurations are missing! Maybe that's the reason you are getting 404.
have a look at the snapshot of

enter image description here

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