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C# Question

NHibernate EntityPersister get property info (access attribute)

I'm using the persister (

) to get some information of the mapped entities in NHibernate (keys, types, column names, ...), but now I want to get the access attribute of a property tag of an entity mapping:

<property type="byte" name="NoExportarAHost" column="PRO_NOEXPORTARAHOST_BS" access="CustomAccessor, CustomLibrary" />

Really I only need to know if the attribute is set or not. Is there any way to get this?

Answer Source

I don't know if you can get this information from the persister. I had the problem that I wanted to know mapping details and I stopped using the metadata API because it was too high level.

Accessing the NHIbernate configuration provide much more mapping details.

foreach (var classMapping in configuration.ClassMappings)
  foreach (var property in classMapping.PropertyIterator)
    Console.WriteLine("{0} access={1}",
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