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SQL Question

How can I add an INDEX with Doctrine 2 to a column without making it a primary key?

I want to add an

to a table column in my MySQL-database. I am using Doctrine 2 to create my database schemes.

I know that I can use

/** @Id @Column(type="integer") */

to create primary keys. But my column shall neither have the
nor the
primary key
attribute. It shall simply be an
in my table (MySQL knows these three types).

What is the proper statement to create such an index?

Answer Source

If you want to work with doctrine a table must have a primary key, see:

To create an index:

 * @Entity
 * @Table(name="ecommerce_products",indexes={@Index(name="search_idx", columns={"name", "email"})})
class ECommerceProduct

Note that this is only being used if you generate the schema from your php code. So in case your table already exist you can also just add an index yourself.

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