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Laravel 5.3 View Composer - Changing data passed from controller to view

Im getting a bit confused at how to work View Composers in Laravel and i thought i might ask some advice.

For example, my website has plans, in plans table i have the usual ID etc etc but i also have 'space_allowed' which is represented my a number, i have represented 'unlimited' as NULL so that i dont have to change any of my (count) functionalities.

So, in my controller i have something like this

$plans = Plan::where('is_active', 1)->get();
return view('pricing', ['plans' => $plans]);

Now when im in the view i just @foreach over the plans and spit out the details.

BUT, since im storing 'unlimited' space as NULL, the view then reflects that.

So i figure that since ill be referencing this all over the site, it would be a good idea to check if the value is null, and if it is, return 'unlimited' instead, and if the value isnt null, then just spit it out as normal in one place.

Hence the idea for the view composer.

So i have created the ComposerServiceProvider.php, added the boot and register methods and inside the boot method i have the following:

View::composer('*', function ($view) {

So i think im almost there.

But im lost on how to implement the code that goes in that closure to check if the storage_allowed is null

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

You can do this in view composer only by duplicating a lot of data, so just do this check in Blade template:

@foreach ($plans as $plan)
    {{ empty($plan->space) ? 'Unlimited' : $plan->space }}
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