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How to disable button event on JavaFX 8 until http response

Using JavaFx8 i have a button that send a http request. I want to disable this button until i received the answer from the server. My situation is the following:

HBox boxRep = new HBox();
boxRep.setOnMousePressed((event) ->{
String responseHttpCode = "";
responseHttpCode = MySendHttp(ip, port, request);

My method (MySendhttp) return the String with the http code status (200,404...). I dont't want to send another request until the server answer.


Answer Source

Run it in a task, on a background thread, and process the response in the onSucceeded handler:

boxRep.setOnMousePressed(event -> {
    Task<String> httpTask = new Task<String>() {
        public String call() throws Exception {
            return MySendHttp(ip, port, request);

    Thread thread = new Thread(httpTask);

    httpTask.setOnSucceeded(e -> {
        String responseCode = httpTask.getValue();
        // process...


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