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Android Manifest Restrict To Tablets

For business reasons I'd like to restrict my Android application strictly to tablet devices.

At the moment, I can limit the app to Honeycomb devices by setting:


But the next version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) will have a higher version number for both the tablet and phone versions of the OS.

Is there any manifest attribute I can specify to restrict it to tablet devices? (Honeycomb or any later tablet version)

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You will find this link awesome:

The problem with what we call "tablet" is that the definition is not the same for evryone. I think about the Archos 5IT that is the same size than a phone but branded with "tablet" name. Same issue with Dell Streak.

I would personnaly not call that a tablet..

So if you want to restrict to 7 or 5 inches devices, you should use xlargeScreens and largeScreens.

(There is also a bug in HTC flyer - 7 inches- that uses largeScreens, blame HTC)

I guess that playing with Screen size in Manifest will fit your needs:

<supports-screens android:smallScreens="false"

enter image description here

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