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python matplotlib: how to use fill_between with a colormap to fill the background of a 2d plot?

I'm trying to make a simple 2d plot from a 3 column data sets e.g. y=f(x) and z=f(x). I want to plot xy and would like to display z using color. For example, the rectangular regions between [x1,x2, min(y), max(y)] ... will be filled by a background color depending on the value of z. I tried to use fill_between but could not associate a colormap with it. I'm new to matplotlib and python. I would very much appreciate your comments/suggestions.

Edit: I don't have an accurate plot but I'll try to explain my query with the help of following figure sample plot

say between x=0.5 to x=1, z=1
x=1.0, to x=1.5, z=2 ....

so I would like to cover x=0.5 to x=1 (min(y) to max(y)] with some color that corresponds to z=1, and between x=1, x=1.5, z=2 and so on.. I want to show this variation using a colormap and to display this colorbar at the right side.

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It sound to me like you should use contourf


This would take x as some dependant variable, produce y = y(x) and z = z(x). It seems that your z is not dependant on y but contourf can still handle this.

As a simple example:

import pylab as plt
x = plt.linspace(0,2,100)
y = plt.linspace(0,10,100)

z = [[plt.sinc(i) for i in x] for j in y]

CS = plt.contourf(x, y, z, 20, # \[-1, -0.1, 0, 0.1\],
plt.plot(x,2+plt.sin(y), "--k")

The are many variations but hopefully this captures the elements you are looking for

enter image description here

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