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Open Settings App from another App in iOS - React Native

I'm going through the docs in React Native and can only find navigating to external links from the app I am in.

I want to be able to navigate to the

app (more specifically to the privacy > location services page) but, can not seem to find the necessary information on it. There is the native iOS way of doing it which I am trying to replicate through React Native.

Is this possible?

I have tried the following to detect if there is a Settings URL. The console logs that the
Settings url works
however, it does not navigate to that page.

Update: thanks to @zvona I am now navigating to the settings page but not sure how to get to a specific deep link.

Linking.canOpenURL('app-settings:').then(supported => {

console.log(`Settings url works`)
}).catch(error => {
console.log(`An error has occured: ${error}`)

Answer Source

You can access settings of the application with: Linking.openURL('app-settings:');

But I don't know (yet) how to open a specific deep-link.

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