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Remove start and end border ionic-list tag in ionic 2

Just want to remove the start and end border. I'm very new this programming language. I'm using below code for displaying list.

<ion-list class="item">
<ion-item href="#">
<ion-item href="#">


I need to remove highlighted red color circle borderlines on below mentioned screen shots. How to do?
enter image description here

Answer Source

One way would be to add no-lines in the ion-list element like this:

<ion-list no-lines>...</ion-list> 

but that will remove the lines of the items too. So in order to remove only that line in the bottom you can add this style rule:

.md ion-list > .item:last-child, 
.md ion-list > .item-wrapper:last-child .item,
.wp ion-list > .item:last-child, 
.wp ion-list > .item-wrapper:last-child .item,
.ios ion-list > .item:last-child, 
.ios ion-list > .item-wrapper:last-child .item {
    border-bottom: none;
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