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Apache Configuration Question

can't launch multiple scripts on the same browser session?

Today is THE day i didn't found the answer i'm looking on the web (it never happend before). The fact is, i didn't found how to question google.

My problem : I run a PHP script "X" on my server (who need several hours) and i can't go to another page "Y" on the same server with Firefox.

But if i load page "Y" with Chrome, it work. How can i setup my server to launch several script (on the same server) with the same browser ?

Thanks for helping.
Ps : sorry for bad english

Answer Source

This happens when you use sessions: When you run a script that uses a session, the session is locked. As the same browser is trying to access the same session, it will not work; the browser will have to wait until the session by the other tab / browser window is closed.

Possible solutions are for example:

  • Close the session as soon as possible / when you don't need it any more;
  • Don't use sessions for the long-running scripts;
  • Use different browsers / incognito mode so that the session information is not shared.
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