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Rowspan not using top row

I don't understand why my column won't span to the top and bottom rows I created. It is supposed to look like the "Today" column is taller on the top and bottom then the other columns.

It's a lot of code, and I wasn't sure what I should cut without deforming it all or adding a new variable (it needs a fluid height).
JSFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/DaAwesomeP/aU9Le/

Basic HTML Layout:

<table id="weatherForecast">
<tr class="weatherForecast-row-outer">
<tr id="weatherForecast-row">
<td id="weatherForecast-DATE" class="weatherForecast-day weatherForecast-day-today" rowspan="3">
<!-- Cell Content for "Today" Here -->
<td id="weatherForecast-DATE" class="weatherForecast-day ">
<!-- Cell Content Here -->
<tr class="weatherForecast-row-outer">

Here is an image that shows what I want:

Answer Source

I got rid of the all of the rowspan and just gave one cell display: block. I can then adjust the height of that cell specifically without changing the others. I used calc to provide a variable height.

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