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How to compile C++ for Windows with clang in Visual Studio 2015

As far as I understand, Visual Studio 2015 is shipped with clang. First I though this was only for Android and iOS apps, but according to this article it should also be possible to use the clang++ frontend for Windows programs. However, I can't find the according option.

So could you please explain to me, how I can change the used compiler to clang in a c++ project (in VS2015 RC Community Edition).

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Starting with VS2015 Update 1 you can install the "Clang with Microsoft CodeGen" template via the New Project window, browse to Installed -> Templates -> Visual C++ -> Cross Platform.

You will then be able to choose the Clang 3.7 with Microsoft CodeGen v140_clang_3_7 Platform Toolset in the properties page of any Windows C++ project.

Clang has a completely different set of command-line options which it recognizes, so when using the v140_clang_3_7 toolset, the project properties must be using Clang-compatible options, which can be recognized as starting with - instead of /. For example, Debug Information Format property set to "Full Debug Information (DWARF2) (-g2 -gdwarf-2)", and Enable C++ Exceptions property set to "Yes (-fexceptions)".

There's more information in this blog post.

screenshot of the new project window

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