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Node.js Question

GraphicsMagick: toBuffer() Stream yields empty buffer

I am trying to read a file into a buffer, resize it and then write it to disk using the following example code:

function processImage(data) {
gm(data, 'test.jpg')
.toBuffer(function(err, buffer) {
if (err) {
throw err;
} else {
fs.writeFile('asd.jpg', buffer);

However, this generates an error
Error: Stream yields empty buffer
. I have played around, used imageMagick and graphicsMagick, still the same.

If i substitute



write('asd.jpg', function(err) ...

it actually writes a proper file.

EDIT While writing this question I found the solution, see reply

Answer Source

caused the problems. Changing it to
setFormat('jpeg') solved it.

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