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How to set the default Android Emulator

I am building an app with NativeScript, where I run:

$ tns run android --emulator

to build the app and launch it in an emulator. When I do this, the default android emulator boots on my machine, which is unusably slow...

In all the demos, they are using the Genymotion Emulator. I have installed this, but the NativeScript command still launches the default emulator. How do I get this to launch on the genymotion emulator?

NB: I am using Windows 10


Even if I run the command with the Genymotion emulator running (and nothing else), I get the following log output and a new terminal window is opened running


Total time: 11.959 secs

Project successfully built.

Using C:\Users\George\Source\Repos\NativeScript-App\Bluetooth\platforms\android\build\outputs\apk\bluetoothdemo-debug.apk

Starting Android emulator with image Xamarin_Android_API_23

That looks as though it is referencing the emulator I had been using when I was developing with Xamarin. Any ideas where I can change that, or why that is being called?

Answer Source

start Genymotion, then start one of the devices that you have setup in Genymotion

then check that the device is seen: $ tns device

then run nativescript like so $tns run android --geny

(or whatever is the name that you get from the tns device command)

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