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Node.js Question

Redirect all trailing slashes gloablly in express

I am using Node.js and Express and I have the following routing :

app.get('/', function(req,res){
locals.date = new Date().toLocaleDateString();

res.render('home.ejs', locals);

function lessonsRouter (req, res, next)
var lesson = req.params.lesson;
res.render('lessons/' + lesson + '.ejs', locals_lessons);

app.get('/lessons/:lesson*', lessonsRouter);

function viewsRouter (req, res, next)
var controllerName = req.params.controllerName;
res.render(controllerName + '.ejs', locals_lessons);
app.get('/:controllerName', viewsRouter);

I have a Disqus widget on my lessons pages and I have noticed a strange behavior that when going to
I get two different pages (on of them had a comment I previously added in Disqus and the other one doesn't have a comment).

Is there a way to "canonize" all of my urls to be without trailing slashes ? I have tried to add the
strict routing
flag to express but the results were the same


Answer Source

Try adding a middleware for that;

app.use(function(req, res, next) {
   if(req.url.substr(-1) == '/' && req.url.length > 1)
       res.redirect(301, req.url.slice(0, -1));
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