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C# Visual studio 2010 Bilingual basic form

could anyone plz help me on this ... i am a begginner in C# using visual studio 2010 and am trying to make a small bilingual .cs form in visual studio 2010

could anyone plz help me on the code for to get the alignment when clicked on arabic and content should start from right side (as arabic starts from right) and followed by text boxes ... i.e starting from right side arabic content followed by text boxes when clicked on arabic radio button ... i hope am clear thank you and here is the code which i used in the below image code used ..sorry for the format i used to post my question

.CS form in English and arabic in one form which has Name and location followed by text boxes as in below image link

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According to our discussion in comments you can use WPF. Please see this article and start your first application. Then add the following line in your window parameters to see it right to left:

<Window ...
    <!--Your layout and controls-->

You can also add or remove the flow direction in code or even add it as a string in resource file to include it dynamically. I use this method all the time and it's perfect.

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