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Python Question

Adding noise to numpy array

So say I'm trying to create a 100-sample dataset that follows a certain line, maybe 2x+2. And I want the values on my X-axis to range from 0-1000. To do this, I use the following.

X = np.random.random(100,1) * 1000
Y = (2*X) + 2
data = np.hstack(X,Y)

The hstack gives me the array with corresponding x and y values. That part works. But if I want to inject noise into it in order to scatter the datapoints further away from that 2x+2 line...that's what I can't figure out.

Say for example, I want that Y array to have a standard deviation of 20. How would I inject that noise into the y values?

Answer Source

Maybe I'm missing something, but have you tried adding numpy.random.normal(scale=20,size=100) to Y? You can even write


and do it all at once (and without repeating the array size).

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