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Javascript optgroup hidden dont working IExlorer

This code is working in Opera, the problem is IE and Android.

javascript. First Option use value Mazda (mark) second shows us 'opera': only all models MAZDA (is good). 'IE': Shows us all model and all optgroup. Maybe is in JS problem?

$(document).ready(function() {
$('#model optgroup').hide();enter code here
$('#Marka').change(function() {
var text = $(this).val();
$('#model optgroup').hide();
$('#model optgroup[label="' + text + '"]').css({
'display': 'block'


function usun() {
document.getElementById("first").style.display = "none";


Answer Source

There are some errors in your HTML (jsfiddle): please pay attention to use different values for different IDs. Cannot exist two or more elements with the same ID.

The solution I propose you is to save and remove the optgroups on document ready and after to append the right one according to the selection:

var optGroup = {};
$(function () {
  // remove from second list all optgroup and save them in a global variable
  $('#model optgroup').each(function(index, element) {
    optGroup[element.label] = {'optGroup': element};
    $('#model optgroup:eq(0)').remove();

    // remove the attached optgroup
    $('#model optgroup').remove();
    // search for the saved optgroup and attach it to the select
    $('#model optgroup option:selected').removeAttr("selected");
    $('#first2').prop('selected', true);
<script src=""></script>

<select id="Marka" name="marka_auta">
    <option id="first1" >Marka:</option>
    <optgroup label="Marka Auta:">
        <option value="audi" >Audi</option>
        <option value="mazda" >Mazda</option>
<select id="model" name="model_auta">
    <option id="first2" disabled selected>Model:</option>
    <optgroup id="models1" label="mazda">

    <optgroup id="models2" label="audi">

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