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PHP - If/else, for, foreach, while - without curly braces?

Something that really would like to know but never found out are shortcuts in PHP.

I am currently coding a function with a

loop with just a single statement inside. I tried to omit the curly braces as you can do in if/else control structures and it works. No errors.

foreach($var as $value)
$arr[] = $value;

Now I tried to use it the same way but putting an if/else block inside it. Again, working and no errors.

foreach($var as $value)
if(1 + 1 == 2) {
$arr[] = $value;

Then, I thought like "why is this working?" and omitted the closing semicolon. Still working. So I tried to use the if/else statement without curly braces inside the foreach loop and again, still working and no errors. But is the foreach loop really closed/ended right now?

foreach($var as $value)
if(1 + 1 == 2)
$arr[] = $value;

At least I ommited the closing semicolon again and (as expected) a parsing error occurred.

So my big question is: When can I omit the curly braces and in which structure/loop/function? I know that I can definitely do so in
. But what about

And yes, I know that it is not safe, smart, whatever to code without curly braces and there are shorthands like
$condition ? true : false;
if: doSomething(); endif;
. I don't wanna learn about shorthands I just want to understand the conditions about when and where it is possible to omit the curly brackets.

Answer Source

When you omit the braces it will only treat the next statement as body of the condition.

if ($x) echo 'foo';

is the same as

if ($x) { echo 'foo'; }

but remember that

if ($x)
  echo 'foo';
  echo 'bar';

will always print "bar"

Internally it's the other way around: if will only look at the next expression, but PHP treats everything in {} as a single "grouped" expression.

Same for the other control statements (foreach, and so on)

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