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PHP Question

PHP check value against multiple values with OR-operator

I have a filename(

) and I need to assign
to the file type with a "-" afterwards. Currently I always get
, no matter what file type it is.

//This gets the extention for the file and assigns the class to the icon <i>
$pieces = explode('.', $fname);
$ext = array_pop($pieces);

if($ext == (('txt')||('rtf')||('log')||('docx'))){
$pClass = 'text-';
else if($ext == (('zip')||('sitx')||('7z')||('rar')||('gz'))){
$pClass = 'archive-';
else if($ext == (('php')||('css')||('html')||('c')||('cs')||('java')||('js')||('xml')||('htm')||('asp'))){
$pClass = 'code-';
else if($ext == (('png')||('bmp')||('dds')||('gif')||('jpg')||('psd')||('pspimage')||('tga')||('svg'))){
$pClass = 'image-';
else {
$pClass = '';

Why doesn't my if statement with the OR operator works?

Answer Source

That is not how you do multiple conditions.

switch( $ext) {
case "txt":
case "rtf":
case "log":
case "docx":
    $pClass = "text-";
case ...
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