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Advice about passing global data with Swift

I've got an array of objects in ViewControllerA that need to be passed to ViewControllerE, which happens to be a view controller that is "several segues away." In other words, I cannot use a segue to pass my data. I've also tried using the protocol/delegate pattern, but realized that it's only for passing BACK data. In this case, I'm trying to pass FORWARD data.

Does anyone have advice on what I should do to get my data from VC-A to VC-E?

Answer Source

Your question is already your answer, make it global, create a singleton class that hold the array of objects, then pass value to it and use it anywhere u want in your app

class Data {
    static let sharedData = Data()
    var array = [Object]()

In VC-A :

Data.sharedData.array = yourArray

Then retrieve it anywhere with let array = Data.sharedData.array

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