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How to use flatbuffer generated data in browser?

I'm trying to use flatbuffer in one of my web application. I've already stored those buffer data in one file (buffer_content.txt) by using following php code.

// ...Code to store to disk or send over a network goes here...
$file = 'buffer_content.txt';
$output = serialize($builder->dataBuffer());

$fp = fopen($file, "w");
fwrite($fp, $output);

Through ajax I can get the buffer data from the server. Now I need to extract the original data from that buffer in JavaScript. But, I can't able to fig out how to do that.

Any idea, how to do this ?

Answer Source

You don't want to use serialize. the dataBuffer already contains serialized data, check out what it says here: https://google.github.io/flatbuffers/flatbuffers_guide_tutorial.html

$buf = $builder->dataBuffer(); // Of type Google\FlatBuffers\ByteBuffer

// The data in this ByteBuffer does NOT start at 0, but at buf->getPosition().

// The end of the data is marked by buf->capacity(), so the size is

// buf->capacity() - buf->getPosition().

Make sure you write the file in binary mode (pass "wb" to fopen). Also don't call it .txt since it isn't a text format :)

Then in JS, you read in the file (again, in binary mode, not text), make sure it ends up in a Uint8Array, then follow the code here: https://google.github.io/flatbuffers/flatbuffers_guide_use_javascript.html

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