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Linux Question

Is there a checkinstall option equivalent to -j in make?


sudo checkinstall
command is great for building from source into a debian package so that it's easily removed later. However, what it replaces,
sudo make install
, has an option to split the installation across multiple CPUs if available. For example, to use 4 cores, one can call

sudo make install -j4

sudo checkinstall -j4
gives an error that
is an unrecognized option. Is there an equivalent option for

Answer Source

The last (optional) input argument to checkinstall is the install command to execute. If the command is make, then this can be parallelized for example as

checkinstall make -j4 install

Though, since checkinstall should be run as root, it could be more advisable to first compile and then checkinstall, i.e.

make -j4 && sudo checkinstall
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