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How do I dump JavaScript vars in IE8?

I have an object I need to examine in IE8.
I tried the developer tools and

, their Firebug equivalent.
However, when I output the object to the log:

console.log("Element: ", element);

I only get the string

LOG: Element: [object Object]

instead of a clickable, examinable dump.

Is it possible to dump an object to the Log and examine its members, like in Firebug?

I can't use a homemade dump() function because the element I want to examine is so huge the browser will crash on me.

Answer Source

Here's one technique that I've found helpful:

  • Open the Developer Tool Bar (hit F12)
  • Go to the "Script" tab
  • Click the "Start Debugging" button
  • Next, type "debugger" into the console and hit enter. This should trigger a break point.
  • Go to the "Watch" sub-tab
  • Click the row that says, "Click to add..." and enter a variable you'd like to examine. Note that the variable must be globally available.
  • At this point you should be able to examine your variable with tree-like UI
  • Once you're done debugging click Continue button (or hit F5)

Here's a screen shot that highlights some of the UI elements I mentioned: IE8 Developer Toolbar

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