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FormsAuthentication.SignOut() does not log the user out

Smashed my head against this a bit too long. How do I prevent a user from browsing a site's pages after they have been logged out using FormsAuthentication.SignOut? I would expect this to do it:


But it doesn't. If I type in a URL directly, I can still browse to the page. I haven't used roll-your-own security in a while so I forget why this doesn't work.

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Users can still browse your website because cookies are not cleared when you call FormsAuthentication.SignOut() and they are authenticated on every new request. In MS documentation is says that cookie will be cleared but they don't, bug? Its exactly the same with Session.Abandon(), cookie is still there.

You should change your code to this:


// clear authentication cookie
HttpCookie cookie1 = new HttpCookie(FormsAuthentication.FormsCookieName, "");
cookie1.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddYears(-1);

// clear session cookie (not necessary for your current problem but i would recommend you do it anyway)
SessionStateSection sessionStateSection = (SessionStateSection)WebConfigurationManager.GetSection("system.web/sessionState");
HttpCookie cookie2 = new HttpCookie(sessionStateSection.CookieName, "");
cookie2.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddYears(-1);


HttpCookie is in the System.Web namespace. MSDN Reference.

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