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C# Accept Object Parameter via Lambda

I want to send an object to a parameter using a lambda expression.

If I have a Settings class like so:

public class Settings() {
public string Name {get;set;}
public string Whatever {get;set;}

And some other method whose argument is a Settings class:

public object GenerateIt(Settings settings) {
// stuff here

I want to call it like so:

s => {
s.Name = "this";
s.Whatever = "whatever";

I've tried this but it doesn't quite do the trick:

public object GenerateIt(Func<Settings> settings) { ... }

I'm also trying (per current answers) using an Action:

public object GenerateIt(Action<Settings> settings) { ... }

... which allows me to (apparently) call the method in the way I'd prefer, but I can't seem to find out how to access those settings that I pass in?

public object GenerateIt(Action<Settings> settings) {

Console.WriteLine(settings.Name); // nope

var s = settings(); // nope


(and yes, I did consult the documentation - if it were clear to me after that, I wouldn't still be asking)

What's the correct mechanism to allow for passing the object as indicated in the "I want to call it like so" example? Thanks

Answer Source

Read the documentation.

Func<T> returns a T and takes no parameters. You want Action<T>.

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