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PHP Question

Drop down on PHP form only working on first 2 items

I've made a landing page with form. And made 4 options from drop down select. The form send fine, but for some reason, only the 2 values of $499 and $999 work, the $1999 and $4999 don't work. I must be missing something? The from works and sends fine, I receive it and the info is there except for the 2 last options on drop down...

Code is here:

<select name="budget_selection" class="form-style-10-drop-down" required='required'>
<option value="">- select -</option>
<option value="$499">$499</option>
<option value="$999">$999</option>
<option value="$499">$1999</option>
<option value="$999">$4999+</option>

PHP for the form is over here:

Form in question is over here:

Answer Source

You repeated the same values

<option value="$499">$1999</option>
<option value="$999">$4999+</option>

It should be

<option value="$1999">$1999</option>
<option value="$4999+">$4999+</option>
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