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iOS Question

Is there a way for XCode to warn about new API calls?

On more than one occasion I've seen crashing bugs appear on iOS 3.x due to use of a new call that was introduced in 4.x without proper checking.

Is there a way for XCode to warn about classes, methods and procedures that are only available a later version than the deployment target?

That way I could easily list through all the code and make sure it's properly conditionalized.

Answer Source

After digging through AvailabilityInternal.h, I realized that all available versions above the Deployment target are tagged with the __AVAILABILITY_INTERNAL_WEAK_IMPORT macro.

Therefore, I can generate warnings by redefining that macro:

#import <Availability.h>
    __attribute__((weak_import,deprecated("API newer than Deployment Target.")))

By placing this code in a project's precompiled header, any use of an API that might cause a crash on the lowest supported iOS version now generates a warning. If you correctly guard the call, you can disable the warning specifically for that call (modified exmaple from Apple's SDK Compatibility Guide):

#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wdeprecated-declarations"
    if ([UIPrintInteractionController class]) {
        // Create an instance of the class and use it.
#pragma GCC diagnostic warning "-Wdeprecated-declarations"
    else {
        // Alternate code path to follow when the
        // class is not available.
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