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Javascript Question

how does jquery chaining work?

I am not asking what is the appropriate syntax for chaining, I know it could be something like:


However I'm really curious to understand the inner working of it, as far as I know chaining is one of the advantages against other famous frameworks but this us to much abstraction for a novice programer like me, I'm sure there is someone out there that can provide me with a explanation that allows me to understand how chaining works.


Answer Source

If you have an object with certain methods, if each method returns an object with methods, you can simply call a method from the object returned.

var obj = {   // every method returns obj---------v
    first: function() { alert('first');   return obj; },
    second: function() { alert('second'); return obj; },
    third: function() { alert('third');   return obj; }



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