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Python Question

Selenium: check textarea is cleared on click

I'm using selenium with Python.
I'm writing a functional test in which I want to check that when a user clicks on a textarea, it clears its content.

This is the HTML code for the text area:

<textarea id="id_textarea" cols="50" rows="10" onclick="this.value=''">Enter some text</textarea>

It works in my browser but I can't get it working with selenium and my test fails over and over again.
This is my Python code:

# User clicks on the text area which removes its content.
self.assertEqual(input_textarea.text, '')

Note that my point is not to use the selenium
function as I precisely want to check that the HTML code handles this part.

Any help would be appreciated.



You should use get_attribute('value') method instead of text:
self.assertEqual(input_textarea.get_attribute('value'), '')

P.S. I assume that input_textarea is something like driver.find_element_by_id('id_textarea')