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Javascript Question

Set default toggle to be checked in ion-toggle

Below is the code to list toggle buttons in which I want to set the first toggle button to be on and the rest off..

<ion-view view-title="Choose language">
<div class="list">
<ion-toggle ng-repeat="item in lists" ng-model="item.checked"
{{ }}

$scope.lists= [
{ name: 'List1' },
{ name: 'List2' },
{ name: 'List3' },

I tried by giving $scope.item.checked='List1' but didn't work.Any possible solutions for this issue..

Answer Source

In your markup the item in the repeat is the object in the lists array.

Try this. Replace the $scope.lists by this object.

$scope.lists = [
    { name: "List1", checked: false },
    { name: "List2", checked: true },
    { name: "List3", checked: false }

Hope it helps.

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