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jQuery Question

Is CSS going to be disconnected after detach & appendTo in jQuery

Below code is non working code and that does not matter one bit for the purpose of this question. Question below code!


<div class="wrapper">
<div id="popup1"></div>


.wrapper #popup {
color: #fff;


var setpopupoutsidewrapper = $('#popup1');

Is the link between the CSS/HTML going to stay intact after the detach/append function?

Answer Source

That CSS selector will no longer apply once popup1 is a child of the body and no longer a child of .wrapper. .wrapper #popup says there is a descendant with id popup1 somewhere below (not necessarily a direct child, use > selector for that) an element with the class wrapper. Once popup1 is a direct child of body that will no longer be true.

As stated in a comment above you can remove the wrapper portion of the selector and it will continue to apply.

#popup {
  color: #fff;

This now only applies to an element with an id of popup1 and none of its ancestors are taken into account.

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