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How can I paste stuff from my mac's clipboard to the iPhone simulator?

I'm having a really hard time taking screenshots.

My app has a view controller that lets the user enter some information with a few

s. I am now taking screenshots of this view controller so that I can upload them to iTunes Connect.

Obviously, I can't just leave the text fields blank and take a screenshot, because that tells the user little information about how he/she is supposed to do.

Therefore, I need to enter some dummy texts. But they cannot be


because it makes no sense and does not show the user what that text field is for.

So I have to enter some really long texts in there in order to show the user a good example of how to use the app.

Now here comes the problem, I have to take screenshots of 5 device sizes and 3 localizations. This means that I will spend a lot of time entering the same old text into the iPhone over and over.

Then I thought that I can type the dummy texts into the Stickies app on my Mac, and copy/paste that text from my Mac to the iPhone simulator. So I pressed + C in the Stickies app, and + V in the iPhone, but nothing happens at all.

I think this is because the iPhone has its own clipboard.

How can I copy text from my Mac to the iPhone simulator?

Note: when the user is using the app, he/she can choose not to enter long texts. I'm just doing this to show a good example to the user. So don't tell me my app sucks.

Answer Source

You have to use +V when inside the simulator, then click on a field and tap Paste.

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