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Heroku doesn't re-deploy my app when I git merge

I have been push useless commits just to ensure heroku reloads and redeploys my app after using git merge to make changes to master. Am I missing something?

Im deploying straight from git. Hence no git push heroku master.

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To make your changes appear in the remote repo, you have to push them. Your normal dev cycle should be:

  • Create a branch

    git checkout -b NEW_BRANCH

  • Work & commit changes

    git commit -am "commit message"

  • if you work in the same branch with your teammates, then you can push changes to the remote repo, but it will only push to that branch


  • Merge your branch to master branch

    git checkout master

    git merge NEW_BRANCH

  • Push changes to the remote

    git push <REMOTE_NAME> master

which in your caseREMOTE_NAME is heroku, so

git push heroku master

should send all your commits to deploy to heroku