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error in exporting glusterfs volume using samba/cifs

I am trying to export glusterfs mount point as the samba export, and then mount it using CIFS protocol.

[root@ip-10-10-0-000 /]# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/xvda1 7.8G 1.3G 6.5G 16% /
devtmpfs 490M 56K 490M 1% /dev
tmpfs 498M 0 498M 0% /dev/shm 32G 130M 32G 1% /mnt/distributed

I have followed the below steps:

yum install samba
yum install samba-client
yum install cifs-utils

Added below lines to smb.conf file


comment = For testing a Gluster volume exported through CIFS
path = /mnt/distributed
read only = no
guest ok = yes

Started the smb service:

[root@ip-10-10-0-000 samba]# /etc/init.d/smb start
Starting SMB services: [ OK ]

when i try to mount it using the CIFS getting below error:

[root@ip-10-10-0-000 /]# mount.cifs -o username=user,password=userpwd /mnt/smb

mount.cifs: bad UNC (

I am not sure,the steps I followed are fully correct I could not find any proper documentation for exporting gluster volumes using samba

can anyone please tell me what went wrong here?

Answer Source

After i specified the volume name as "glustertest" i mentioned in samba.conf instead of using the actual gluster volume name it worked.

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=user,password=userpwd \\\\\\glustertest  /mnt/sambatest
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