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AngularJS Question

Passing params through ui-router to the server

I have some troubles with geting single user basing on his ID. I can remove this certain user with DELETE in my app but I can't get informations about him using "GET".

this is my angular app.js

app.controller('editUser', function($scope, $http, $state) {
$http.get('users/editUser/'+$state.params.userId).success(function(data) {

and this is my users.js routes file

router.get('/editUser/:userId', ensureAuthenticated, function(res, req, next) {
var userId= req.params.userId,

getUser.findOne({'_id': userId}, function(err, user) {
if(err) throw err;
data = user;

after clicking on "edit" button I am redirected to users/editUser/ffw23rfaw - its id, and basing on this id I use get function to get info about him but I get 500 "Internal server error". I would like to add that removing user is pretty much same and it works.

after clicking Edit button I do this

$scope.editUser = function($index) {
$state.go('editUser', {userId: $index});

that's how I get userId on 'users/editUser/' page

and this is my state config

.state('editUser', {
url: '/users/editUser/:userId',
templateUrl: '/views/editUser.html'

Answer Source

Found out the issue :) Your code has function(res, req, next) Change that to

function(req, res, next)

just wrong placement of parameters (variable names). Hope this helps. (thanks for pointing out the console message)

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