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RecyclerView items with big empty space after 23.2.0

After update to v23.2.0 in my

I have items with huge empty space.

My item layout is very simple:

<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""
android:orientation="vertical" >

Answer Source

According to the doc

With the release 2.3.0 there is an exciting new feature to the LayoutManager API: auto-measurement!
This allows a RecyclerView to size itself based on the size of its contents. This means that previously unavailable scenarios, such as using WRAP_CONTENT for a dimension of the RecyclerView, are now possible.
You’ll find all built in LayoutManagers now support auto-measurement.

Due to this change, make sure to double check the layout parameters of your item views: previously ignored layout parameters (such as MATCH_PARENT in the scroll direction) will now be fully respected.

In your item layout you have to change:



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