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Dependency injection and Model entities - the right way ?

My symfony2 application has the following structure:

There is a service

, which gets data from various external sources and represents it as entity objects.

Some objects has relations. Currently I am loading relations in controller or helper-services if needed.

It is not very convenient, sometimes I want to get relations from my entity ojbect. To do this I need access to

I want to implement something like doctrine lazy-loading, what is the right way of doing this ?

Some obvious solutions - to inject
in every entity instacne, or to some static property, or to make some static methods in service, or to use evenet dispatcher, but I don't think it is the right way

Answer Source

Made some research of ObjectManagerInterface as Cerad suggested, and found this peace of code:

PersistentObject implements ObjectManagerAware interface, it has private static property where ObjectManager is stored.

So I ended with this:

class DataProvider
    public function __construct() 

abstract class AbstractEntity
    private static $dataProvider;
    public static function setDataProvider() {...};
    protected static function getDataProvider() {...};
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