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Node.js Question

PM2 command not found

I installed node.js and npm to my centOS 7 server. But i have problems with pm2.
Actually real problem is i don't have experiences in linux and i don't know how to change path.
Here is folder structure.

* bin
* code
* error_docs
* httpdocs
* lib64
* logs
* tmp
* var
* chat(my node.js folder)
* node_modules
* pm2
* sockjs
* server.js
* dev
* etc
* lib
* local
* sbin
* usr

I entered folder by typing
cd chat
and installed pm2 with
npm install pm2

After that I tried use pm2 for my server.js by typing
pm2 server.js
server returns "pm2 command not found". I can use node.js without any problem but pm2 not working.

How can i solve this?

Answer Source

Install PM2 globally:

run as root:

npm i -g pm2

or if user is sudo-er

sudo npm i -g pm2

and then go back to user (or stay in root if it was created by root user) and run it:

pm2 start server.js
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