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Java - remove last known item from ArrayList

OK, so here is my


private List<ClientThread> clients = new ArrayList<ClientThread>();

and here is what I am trying to do:

I am trying to remove the last known item from the
I posted above. I'm trying to do this with the code below:

} catch(SocketException re) {

String hey = clients.get(clients.size());
System.out.println(hey + " has logged out.");
System.out.println("CONNECTED PLAYERS: " + clients.size());

but I am getting this error:

C:\wamp\www\mystikrpg\Server.java:147: incompatible types
found : Server.ClientThread
required: java.lang.String
String hey = clients.get(clients.size());
C:\wamp\www\mystikrpg\Server.java:148: cannot find symbol
symbol : method remove(java.lang.String)
location: class Server.ClientThread
2 errors

What am I doing wrong?
It's supposed to remove the last known item from my

Answer Source

It should be:

ClientThread hey = clients.get(clients.size() - 1);

Or you can do

clients.remove(clients.size() - 1);

The minus ones are because size() returns the number of elements, but the ArrayList's first element's index is 0 and not 1.

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