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Java Question

Whats the most elegant way to add two numbers that are Optional<BigDecimal>

I need to perform an add operation on two big decimals that are wrapped optionals:

Optional<BigDecimal> ordersTotal;
Optional<BigDecimal> newOrder;

I want to achieve ordersTotal += newOrder
It's important to note that if both values are empty the result should likewise be empty (ie not zero).

Here is what I came up with:

ordersTotal = ordersTotal.flatMap( b -> Optional.of(b.add(newOrder.orElse(BigDecimal.ZERO))));

but I'm wondering if there's a more elegant solution.

Answer Source

Not sure if you'll consider it more elegant, but here's one alternative:

ordersTotal = Optional.of(ordersTotal.orElse(BigDecimal.ZERO).add(newOrder.orElse(BigDecimal.ZERO)));

Another, based on @user140547's suggestion:

ordersTotal = Stream.of(ordersTotal, newOrder)

Note that the first version returns Optional.of(BigDecimal.ZERO) even when both optionals are empty, whereas the second will return Optional.empty() in such a case.

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