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Javascript Question

How do you keep your Javascript libraries updated to the latest versions in a large web project?

When working on a larger web project (say 20 plus pages), how do you keep your Javascript libraries updated to the latest versions? I specifically use jQquery a lot. It seems like everytime I look, there is a new version out. I include the jQuery library on all my pages and it's a pain to have to update it on each page. What do other people do? I'm sure a big answer will be to use a framework with a single front controller. And I have considered that, but I'm not ready to go that route yet.

Answer Source

We don't.

It might automatically break things when an update is not backwards compatible. We check the mailing lists and forums regularly too check if new versions have come out, read the changelog and/or codediff, and check our plugins for compatibility. We usually clone the server to a goldencoat, test the new version there and see if anything breaks.

If the advantages outweigh the effort needed for the update, we do so, but only after enough time has passed and the version's initial bugs have been found and solved by the community.

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