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JEditorPane HTMLDocument adds p-implied into HTML unnecessarily when setCharacterAttributes called

I am creating an editor using

. I have a toolbar which has various components to change style attributes of the editor. One of them is a
to change the
attribute. The code below is the code that executes when that
's value changes.

final SimpleAttributeSet attrs = new SimpleAttributeSet();
zoomCombo.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
String s = (String) zoomCombo.getSelectedItem();
s = s.substring(1, s.length());
double scale = new Double(s).doubleValue() / 100;
editorPane.getDocument().putProperty("ZOOM_FACTOR", new Double(scale));

try {
StyledDocument doc = (StyledDocument) editorPane.getDocument();
doc.setCharacterAttributes(0, 1, attrs, true);
doc.insertString(0, "", null); // refresh
} catch (Exception ex) {
logger.error("Hata", ex);

doc.setCharacterAttributes(0, 1, attrs, true);
is the line where root of my problem starts. After this line of code executes,
is added into the
part of the
HTML text
in the
. And after this happens, if some certain pattern of events occur my
HTML text
gets corrupted. Is there any way how not to create
along? If not so what could be the best workaround for this problem?

PS : There is something old reported here in the JDK Bug System. It is reported for a different reason, but it is shown there also, that the same
is being added into
afterwards. I know the problem reported in this link uses
(a subclass of
) and
method in the
class but that method also calls same
method I used inside itself.

Answer Source

You use 0 position, but for HTMLDocument the positions belong to HEAD (not BODY) section.

Looks like you use it just to refresh the content. You can apply the same code for the end of the document.

doc.setCharacterAttributes(doc.getLength(), 1, attrs, true);

Thus the attribute change event is applied to the BODY.

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