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Git Question

git clone can't resolve proxy

When I try to clone from git

git clone "http://github.com/symfony/symfony.git" "d:/www/a/vendor/symfony"

I get an error

Cloning into 'd:/www/a/vendor/symfony'...
error: Couldn't resolve proxy '(null)' while accessing http://github.com/symfony/symfony.git/info/refs
fatal: HTTP request failed

I'm connected directly to the internet (without proxy). I tried to turn off firewall and didn't help. I'm on windows and just installed Git-1.7.10-preview20120409.exe from http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/downloads/list . Previously I had 1.7.8 and this command worked. I also reinstalled TortoiseGit but I think it doesn't matter.

C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\.gitconfig
file is

proxy =
name = xxxx
email = xxx@example.com

Answer Source

Seems the problem is reported in the mailing list. Does this help?

git config --global --unset http.proxy
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