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How to use Class<T> in Java?

There's a good discussion of Generics and what they really do behind the scenes over at this question, so we all know that

is a vector of integer arrays, and
HashTable<String, Person>
is a table of whose keys are strings and values
However, what stumps me is the usage of

The java class
is supposed to also take a template name, (or so I'm being told by the yellow underline in eclipse). I don't understand what I should put in there. The whole point of the
object is when you don't fully have the information about an object, for reflection and such. Why does it make me specify which class the
object will hold? I clearly don't know, or I wouldn't be using the
object, I would use the specific one.

Answer Source

Using the generified version of class Class allows you, among other things, to write things like

Class<? extends Collection> someCollectionClass = someMethod();

and then you can be sure that the Class object you receive extends Collection, and an instance of this class will be (at least) a Collection.

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